The Flowers Still Bloom

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If you are weary and overwhelmed, consider this, the ocean tides still rise and fall. The moon is still in orbit.

Hawks still cry as they swim across the naked sky. Flowers still give way from bud to bloom, and we are all still here.

Evil has always been and bad things have, and will happen. And yet, there is still beauty and goodness all around us.

I would encourage you to try to see it today. If you cannot find it, then be it. May all beings everywhere, be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce


What You Choose Moves the World

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It is not about what has been or even what is. It is about who we choose to be in relation to it.

Who you choose to be today determines the way the world moves.

All things are connected by invisible lines of being. We pull on a thread here, and a seam comes apart or is mended elsewhere.

Everything you do matters when done from the perspective of love.

Even if you can only offer a cup of cold water on a hot day, it matters. So do good and do not give up.

The world changes by degrees. Your job is to be that living change. May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

Become What You Missed

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Seek out the goodness you may have missed and seek to become that for someone else. If you know what it is to walk alone, then try to come alongside and provide support for the lonely.

If you know what it is like to be hungry, seek to help others be fed. If you understand pain, be there to support someone else as they struggle. If you missed out on love, then seek to love in every single way you can.
You pain then becomes your superpower. The very things that made you cry, will be the gifts you bring into the world.
By seeking to heal and bless others, you may very well find healing too. Joy shared is joy multiplied. May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

Handing Out Flowers to Strangers

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The hardest thing you will ever do is to continue to care when everyone else seems indifferent.

It may seem that your small acts of thoughtfulness or kindness do not matter. I tell you here and now, they do.
Perhaps you stand on a busy street corner and for no reason whatsoever, you give away flowers to passersby.
Or maybe you reach up to help an elderly woman get something off of a high shelf at the store.
Perhaps you will hold the door, or just wave someone in front of you in traffic. These seem like unrelated, tiny moments that have no weight in the world.
But you see, they do.
Great changes seldom come from the mighty or the connected. The come from humble people doing nameless, often random acts of kindness.
They come when we choose to be reverse terrorists, giving away love for the simple joy of doing it.
Consider the work of Jane Goodall. She sat in a remote part of the world watching how chimps interact.
Her work became a fountainhead of so many good things. But for years, she had no way of knowing what it would lead to.
Countless unnamed people have quietly worked in forgotten places to bring forth good things.
If you do one good, honest thing today, it counts. And it counts all the more when you stand alone, handing out flowers to passing strangers.
May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

Giving Birth to Our Own Souls and Healing

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Within my infirmity, deep inside my cracked and shabby heart, tiny pieces of who I once was, flake and float away.

I bow my head, unable to express what cannot be expressed. My words, like swirling smoke, rise now enshrined in sighs.

The very pores of my soul, not indomitable, sweat out the what lies beyond mere speech.

And I become like the first ever who cried. That primal first human form, that struggled upright, and stood shaking, gazing upon things that out-strode comprehension.

The cup of humanity, passed down the ceaseless string of time, moves to me, as it does all in turn.

Even so, in my broken frailty, I rise – because like all before-I must.

I know the luminescent milky stars inevitability yield to the breaking light, giving credence to dawn’s alchemy over night’s fortress.

Perhaps the scars upon the skin of our collective soul, like crisscrossed marks on a map, will be transmuted into a compass of greater hone.

Or maybe it shall be a pyre. A conflagration of our struggle, lit like torches, burning against the muted skyline, marking out a path of for others in shadowed lands.

Now I know why the green shoot breaks the casing of its own self.

Why it must rise past the painful planting that gives it birth.

Why even if it was laid low in strife and confused suffering, made as if to die, it chooses instead to live in fullness, becoming the healing that it longed for. Rise and resist my sisters. For this is why we were set ablaze, to give birth to our own souls so that we may heal the world itself. by Victoria Cayce



Separation is an Illusion

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War, destruction of the planet, bigotry and racism are symptoms. Fear of the other, and greed are the underlying diseases.

There is no us. There is no them. We are, whether we like it or not, a unified whole because we share the same sacred earth and vaulted sky.
Like raindrops, we come from a common source. If we begin to care for one another, the illusion of separation vanishes. There is no boundary between us and the planet either.
Life is co-dependent, interrelated, and inseparable from itself. That is the nature of who we are and what we must be. You cannot sow hate based on fear and reap peace.
You cannot strip the planet bare and think that it will not affect you. Just as dye cast into a cup of water changes all of it, each of us is lessened when one group is marginalized or one habitat is destroyed.
Love is an act of open and powerful resistance. Peacefully rise and unite. May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

We Must Love Louder Than Hate

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As the voice of hate and separation become louder and more strident, our voice of love and unity must become that much powerful and more openly accepting.

Celebrate the beautiful tapestry of life and love. Embrace your brothers and sisters because we are all just people. Uplift and encourage one another. Together we really do rise.
We, the People, means all of us. If we forget that, we forget our humanity. The only thing that must never be welcomed to the table is hate. ~ Victoria Cayce