I want to tell you so many, many things

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I want to tell you so many things. I want to remind you that you are part of something much larger than you could even imagine or conceive.

Most of all, that you are loved and worth loving.

That you have always been loved and will be loved for ever more. That you are intimately connected to everyone else, because we are all One.

That the compassion you send to others is really a gift given to your own soul. That the hateful things and pain we cause comes back to darken our own days.

Can you not see? Do you not know? You are the light of the world.

So, shine on. Shine on because it is your true nature, hidden only temporarily, by a fog of forgetfulness which will vanish when the need for it is done. ~ Victoria Cayce

No One Can Stop You From Loving

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I thought I would share something that I hold to be very sacred. Many of you who know me in real life, know I walk a shamanic path alongside Zen Buddhism. It is okay if you do not agree. I have no need to convert anyone. Frankly I do not care what others believe or don’t, so long as they do not force their beliefs on anyone else.

This morning, during meditation, I had a burst of deep understanding that transcends words. While it might sound trite and or glib, the revelation was stunning in its depth and meaning to me personally.

I realized that the one thing that we can do in each and every circumstance, whether well, or sick, doing chores, shopping, driving, bathing, is to deliberately send love without judgment.

And guess what? No one can stop us from sending love. They can lessen our desire to do so, if we allow it, but otherwise, no one has the ability to stop us from loving- except us.

They can hate us. They can hurt us. But no one, not one single being on this planet, can prevent anyone from sending love if we have the courage, will, and faith to do so.

Of course, this is easily forgotten when we are in the middle of it. Yet while others can make it challenging, even almost impossible on the surface, the power to give and receive love resides only within us.

We can send love to a room when we sit in a chair. We can send love to the water when we wash a dish or bowl. We can send love to the trees, the earth, the clouds, the insects, the people we are close to, love, the people we like, even the people we dislike.

We can love without condition. Without requirement or attachment, or even the need to judge/approve/disapprove anyone or anything.

In fact, that, I believe, is the exact purpose of our lives here.

On the Other Side, our real home, love is the only medium and truth. Here, in this illusion of separation, we go through difficult and painful things and to rise above them and learn to love through this earthy shell.

The measure of how well we do that has nothing to do with how much we amass, how we dress, how we look or even, in one sense, what we do.

Our whole purpose, I believe, is to rise above fear, hate, and an endless stream of emotions and circumstances to find new ways of expressing, receiving, and giving love.

What is natural there is very, very difficult here. While in this dream, we struggle. When we awaken to our true nature again, there is no hurt or harm.

In the same way that we wake from a nightmare to find that we are whole and well, death simply dissolves the illusion of separation and pain.

Love does not mean we are door-mats, punching bags, or that we never disagree or stand up. In fact, love often requires standing up because enabling harm to ourselves or others is not love. That is the opposite of love.

The main thing, as I understand it, is the intention behind our actions. Love occurs when we seek the good of another, just as we would seek the good of ourselves.

That does not include allowing ourselves or others to be abused. Sometimes, love can mean walking away (yet without hate or bitterness) from someone too. It can also mean protecting the rights or wellbeing of others quite loudly and forcefully.

The underlying motivation gives our choices their true meaning. The sponsoring thought/motivation that moves us to act is not only just important as what we do, it is, in fact therefore more important than anything we do or say.

Even if it does not appear that way from a human standpoint. Even loving a blade of grass or a mouse, a butterfly is an act of great importance.

Sincerely loving a firefly or a leaf is just as beautiful and meaningful in many ways, as any other loving act. And it all matters. It matters when we love or receive love, because again, that is why we are here.

I think this is our proving ground, the test to see how we can express love and care through every action and breath, word or thought. Just my viewpoint and experience. May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

One Tiny Moment More

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If you can just keep going one moment past the point where the desire to quit is the strongest, you can do amazing things. You must understand that now is not forever and that relief may be a molecule’s width away. The ends of your fingertips may be pressing against the folds of a heavy curtain that once removed, will reveal your greatest joy and deepest truth. One minute more. Not an hour. Not a day. Just promise yourself one minute more. And then do it again and again. With much love ~ Victoria Cayce

Trees, Raindrops and Connected Kaleidoscopes

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Each leaf on a tree buds and reaches towards the light alone, yet they are all part of the same life. Each tree grows, lives, and then dies standing apart, yet it is also entwined in the larger matrix of the earth.

One falls, another arises. The forest remembers, and life dances on. Every seed sown by the giants who have gone before, their roots standing on the bones of what once was, cradled in the arms of what is, becoming yet another singularity within the many.
Like stars and raindrops, each lives and dies in a universe of connected others.
If we could only see that we, like they, are tied much like pearls upon an eternal string- that each of one of us leaves behind us a trail of seeds of one sort or another- we would understand that every beginning and ending, turns again and again towards wholeness.
We are part of a fragile kaleidoscopes, fractals of the greater whole, crashing together, in a mosaic of being, affecting the seamless and conjoined experience of all.
How therefore can I hate you, when you are made, like me, from the elements born in distant stars? Animated as we are now, from the ashes of what has been, dancing in the unending music of the spheres, how can I not see all of creation in you?
Brothers and sisters beneath the skin, we need only look to the wisdom of the trees to understand how connected we all are. There is no us. There is no them. There is only all in the form of many. May all beings be at peace. ~ Victoria Cayce

So Beautiful, Yet So Broken

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For every dark period in human history, a handful of people refused to accept the unacceptable. In the face of terrible odds and ignorance, they often suffered to create something better.

Sometimes it took years, decades, even centuries. But that is how change happens. Maybe you will never sit under the peaceful trees you plant today.

Perhaps you will not see a time when all human beings are treated with the same dignity and equality that is the birthright of all.

But I tell you this, no good thing ever came from hate. Nor did we rise easily from the dust of injustice and suffering.

No matter what happens, it will only happen because people came together, for good or for ill.

Personally, I would rather stand with the marginalized than with those who seek to divide and destroy. Empathy is not weakness. Bigotry is not patriotism.

While it may seem that kindness is weak or even silly, it is actually a powerful, powerful thing. Peaceful action and compassion will transform humanity.

If not, there will be no humanity left to be changed. We must be willing to beyond the minor differences to the things that make us all one human family. Because in the end, that is all we are. One planet. One people.

So when you see the world, so beautiful and often so broken, choose your side. For this too, shall pass. Peace to all beings. ~ Victoria Cayce

Connect With Someone

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My dear ones, I hope that you you hug someone, listen to someone, encourage someone or just connect with another human being in a meaningful way today. It may not seem like much, yet it can be such a healing balm for your heart and theirs. We need that so much right now.

Do whatever good you can. That includes pursuing things that bring you joy. Take time to listen to music, paint, dance, sing, hike-whatever. If you like to knit, then knit caps for friends or as gifts for forgotten seniors in homes.
Pick up trash along a section of road. Build a little giving box and fill it with things like water bottles, food items and diapers. Put a sign under it that it is free for whoever needs it.
Buy backpacks at thrift stores and put in water, toothbrushes, non-perishable food items and even dog food. Hand them out to local homeless people or donate them to a nearby shelter.
Create an anonymous account and donate to it to pay for lunches at your kids’ school if you can. If you like to read, then maybe read for the blind. If you are an animal lover, volunteer to walk the dogs at a local animal shelter.

Just do something that feeds your soul or creates a meaningful link between you and others. The world needs that. It needs poets and writers, dreamers and healers. It needs you.
It needs your light, your love, your goodness, and your example of how it can be. It does not matter what you do, only that you do. ~ Victoria Cayce