Meaning and Purpose

woman standing by one foot and holding flare stick near trees
Photo by Wellington Cunha on

What gives us meaning? What is it that makes an experience good or bad in our minds? Is it suffering? I think not because we can suffer and yet have joy.

When a mother gives birth, the pain is often severe, but the beauty of imparting life lifts us past the pain.
Is it comfort that makes it good?

No necessarily. I have found difficult and rigorous hikes to be delightful, and they were far from easy. I have also been in luxurious settings and been bored out of my mind. The only conclusion I can reach is that we find meaning in and of ourselves.

It is not inherent in the beautiful or the mundane. Instead it lies within us. And again, I believe it comes down to our capacity to feel, express and share love. It is love, affection and caring that transform the common moments.


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